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Pre Sell – Subjects:

The death of SEO & free traffic
Cracking ‘the monopoly’ of free traffic


Google & YouTube run the show when it comes to search engine traffic.

But damn, they’ve got a lot of rules to play by.

Constant updates mean most loopholes get shut as soon as they’re opened.

And unless you’ve got the budget for a dedicated SEO specialist …
Or HOURS each day to do EVERYTHING yourself manually …

You can pretty much kiss free search engine traffic goodbye.

UNLESS, that is, you can give Google exactly what it wants.
And what does Google want?


We’re living in a world of online connectivity. Google pays you with free traffic when your sites & offers are connected with other authority sites.

Try setting these up yourself … might as well just get a full time job.
Try hiring an SEO expert … be ready to pay hundreds PER hour.

Or – you could just automate the whole business.

Give Google and YouTube EXACTLY what they want…

Effortlessly rank (and stick) on page 1 of the world’s two biggest search engines …

Ride the free traffic wave all the way to the bank.

Until now, this couldn’t be done on autopilot.
But technology is a beautiful thing.

My friends Tom & Gaurab have spent over 12 months developing a FULLY-AUTOMATED SEO software that gets ANY keyword ranked on page
one in minutes …

WITHOUT the hassles or expense of doing it manually or hiring experts.

Stay tuned for my next email when I’ll share more details, a full demo, and how you can get your hands on this advanced A.I. free traffic tech.

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Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing – Subjects:

3X your commissions on ANY offer
Secrets of top-earning affiliates


He or she with the biggest list DOES NOT usually make the most commissions.

Having a list is great, but it’s only one source of traffic.
There’s a MUCH better one, and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny to get.

What’s the ‘secret traffic sauce’ top affiliates use?

When you can rank your bridge page, offer or review on page 1 Google, not only do you get free traffic …

You get TOP CONVERTING traffic because you’re attracting people actively looking for a very specific solution.

So how do you get to the 1st page of Google?

==> [LINK] With this cloud-based software that automates ALL the manual
processes of ranking and gives Google EXACTLY what it wants.

No more tedious, time-consuming BS.
No more slaps or penalties for doing something against the rules.
No more paying for high-priced SEO specialists OR ads ever again.

Just the best, targeted traffic online – straight to your offers. Fast and above all …SIMPLE.

This is the easiest way going to 3X YOUR affiliate commissions.

==> [LINK] You’ve got to see it to believe it.

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P.S. take a close look at the Pro upgrade to REALLY skyrocket your ranking, free traffic and commissions
Benefit Driven
Benefits – Subjects:

The solution to your #1 online marketing problem
Without it, NOTHING else works


With so many products coming out that promise to be ‘all things to all people’, it’s refreshing to find one that offers ONE solution to ONE problem.

Thing is, that’s the BIGGEST problem any marketer faces.


Here’s how Ranksnap solves your traffic problems for good:

=> it AUTOMATES the entire process of getting top quality search traffic to any offer or keyword

=> it does this by giving Google EXACTLY what it wants – real, natural backlinks – the ‘building blocks’ that are the #1 ranking factor for search engines

=> it syndicates your content to hundreds of sites, your own blogs, YouTube channels and social media accounts

=> it AUTOMATICALLY creates user accounts FOR you on over 180 sites … getting you even MORE quality backlinks

=> it lets you DRIP FEED content for a natural look that Google loves

=> it INCLUDES an article spinner to let you repurpose content for maximum gain

Here’s what you WON’T need:

=> any technical experience or SEO skills
=> any ad budget (this is 100% free traffic)
=> any need to pay big bucks to traffic specialists

One problem, one solution.

But until you solve this problem … NOTHING else works.

Need more traffic to YOUR offers, stores, landing pages, channels, blogs & social accounts?

==> [LINK] Get. It. Here.

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Authority / Traffic
Authority/ Traffic – Subjects:

It pays to trust the experts
Traffic the way the PROS get it [WITHOUT paying]


Any online business is dead in the water without traffic.

That’s why there are THOUSANDS of traffic products out there, and
more coming out every day.

If these courses & softwares are as great as they promise …
Why are people buying new ones all the time?

Because most of them don’t work NEARLY as well as they promise.

Considering traffic is the most important part of YOUR business …
It PAYS to trust experts who know how to get it.

Tom, Gaurab & Oleksandr have been marketing online for years.

They’ve done it all: affiliate marketing, eCom, CPA, niche marketing … and MUCH more.

Like many of us, they’ve fallen for some crazy traffic gimmicks and loopholes that didn’t work out. And LEARNED from their mistakes.

Today these guys are at the TOP of their game.
They coach students on how to make REAL profits online.
They each run multiple successful businesses in various niches.
Most importantly? They’ve got traffic down to an absolute science.

No guessing.
No time-consuming, tedious ‘work’.
Zero tech skills required.
Above all – NO paid ads.

Their secret weapon?

==> (LINK) This fully cloud-based software that ranks ANY keyword or offer to the top of the search engines FAST – and KEEPS it there.

I could go on, but they do a much better job of explaining it than I could.

Stacks of proof and testimonials from REAL users getting REAL results.

We all need experts in our lives.
When it comes to traffic, these are the experts to trust.

==> (LINK) THIS is the software they’ve developed to get YOU the results you deserve.

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eCom – Subjects:

[eCom specialists] Why FB ads will make you broke
[eCom secret] The magic of unlimited ROI


Biggest hurdle for ANY eCom marketer?

Most ‘gurus’ talk about FB ads as the main source …
Most eCom marketers don’t come close to breaking even.

Coincidence? Don’t think so.

FB ads are expensive, competitive … and can suck up thousands of
dollars on split-testing and optimizing …

Why pay for something you can get for free?
Want targeted visitors ACTIVELY looking for what you have on offer?

==> (LINK) Watch this video to see how!

No paid ads.
No tire-kickers.
100% free & targeted search engine traffic direct from Google.

When your eCom stores & offers generate sales WITHOUT paid ads …
You unlock UNLIMITED ROI. And can scale effortlessly.

==> (LINK) Click here to turn Google into YOUR free traffic partner!

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P.S. this automated SEO software is completely white-hat and gives Google what it wants to send quality search traffic to your offers.

But act fast because the special one-time launch price will NOT last!
List Building
List Building – Subjects:

Build laser targeted lists for free [no joke]
[Demo] Using Google to build YOUR list


It’s easy to build a list.

It’s much harder to build a list of engaged subscribers that actually open, click & buy your offers.

And if you’re using paid ads, you’re literally throwing money away …
Because there’s a MUCH better way:

>> Check this out NOW!

Here’s the deal.

Google & YouTube are THE search engines of choice online. Everyday,
MILLIONS of people do ‘how to’ searches for solutions to their problems.

THESE are the people you want on your list.
THESE people are looking for answers … and in most cases, they’re willing to pay you for them.

Now you can take ANY keyword, ANY offer, in ANY niche – and get page 1 ranking on Google and YouTube in minutes.

That, my friend, is 100% free and HIGHLY targeted traffic.
The type of traffic that subscribes to your list …

Is happy to hear what you have on offer …

And buys your stuff.

Until right now, this advanced technology simply didn’t exist.

But thanks to some serious advances in artificial intelligence, ranking for 100% free search traffic is your new reality.

>> See Ranksnap in action here!

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P.S. Build your list even faster with the 1st upgrade that unlocks premium web 2.0 sites, video embeds and MUCH more!
Scarcity / Resend #1
Scarcity / Resend #1 – Subjects:

Want fast, free traffic? Better be quick!
[Open fast] Traffic made 100% easy – and free


Ranksnap is a traffic software that was released publicly a few days ago, and ALREADY people are raving about their results.

==> See the incredible results REAL people are getting here!

Just imagine:

=> never paying for an ad again
=> never wasting time on unnecessary content creation, manual forum or social media posting
=> getting 100% free, TARGETED search traffic straight to your offers!

Be quick though – the one-time pricing on this ends very soon. If you miss out, you’ll pay much more later for a traffic solution that can take YOUR business to the next level.

==> Check it out here

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P.S. to REALLY boost your results and leverage the full power of video traffic, I highly recommend upgrading to the Pro version of the software
Scarcity / Resend #2
Scarcity / Resend #2 – Subjects:

[Hurry] Unlimited traffic software closes soon!
[Closing] Free traffic on 100% autopilot


Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few days …
Ranksnap is the most cutting edge, FREE traffic automation software
that’s ever been released.

==> Everyone from complete beginners to advanced marketers are
FREAKING out over their results using this tool.

Any niche.
Any keyword.
Any offer.

FAST search engine traffic that sticks.
100% autopilot.
Zero skills needed.

Only catch? The highly discounted one-time pricing ends SOON.
So if you’re serious about getting top quality, converting traffic to your offers …
Making MORE sales and commissions …
And are SICK of paying for ads …

==> Click here NOW and practically STEAL this software.

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