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Why & How Does It
It all comes down to the very basics of ranking on search engines.

Your target audience goes to google, searches for a keyword, and then they see your page right there 
(or not, depending if you were successful in ranking because you weren’t using ranksnap)

And that keyword is something that every other marketer competes for. In fact,
The Right Keywords Will MAKE OR BREAK Your Rankings..
With keywords there is NO room for error, because the competition is VERY HIGH.

This of keywords as a spectrum, the top right contains TONS of traffic but also highly competitive, such as the keyword, “Weight loss”.

The very left, contains easy keywords to rank for, but with no or low searches. So competition is low, but traffic is ALSO low.

Either way, is a waste of your time.

What you want to focus on, are those secret, hidden keywords in the middle of the spectrum.

Those that have HIGH searches, BUT NO competition.

These are called, Golden keywords.
You WANT GOLDEN Keywords That Contain loads of searches, BUT NO COMPETITION!
I’ll give you a few examples in the demo video soon, but the bottom line is, those are keywords that have high traffic, low competition.
The problem however is that manually
finding them is A NIGHTMARE
That’s because a simple search won’t do. 

Good keyword research consists of a multi network search, mix and matching different keywords, averaging searches and more manual tasks.

In fact, one of our secrets to finding golden keywords is searching on Google, Bing, Youtube and other networks, and then matching between networks and finding amazing keywords.

But it takes time, and you need to know what to do.

Which is why we have created this software that does it FOR the most ingenius... EASIEST way possible.

It’s called Ranksnap Xtractor, and even ALONE..
Even ALONE This Can Get You Loads Of Easy Traffic, But When Combined With Ranksnap...
When you have these golden keywords even have a much higher chance of ranking.

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We’ve been seeing a consistent improvement of 800% in ranking speed with that.

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This is the beauty of it, you already have Ranksnap, which automates everything else.

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Ranksnap Xtractor Will
Uncover Hundreds & Even Thousands
  Of These Keywords For You With A Few Clicks.
Don’t get me wrong, the tech behind it, or the functions that it automates are HUGE and there is a lot of manual work to be done.

But it’s all coded over multiple versions of this Xtractor software so that you merely need to enter your niche and it’ll uncover everything you need.
Here’s A Demonstration 
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